Meebox - Whats_Inside

What's Inside?

Each theme we put together includes three full size polishes plus some nail art goodies and/or tools and treatments that all fit with the theme. (Not forgetting swatch sticks for you to test your new colours with too!)

We never give too much away when we first announce a theme - All we reveal is the theme name. 

We hold a strict "no spoiler policy" for the first 7-10 days after announcing a theme to make sure our die hard MeeBoxers can still experience the element of surprise that they had during our time as a subscription box. After this time, we'll reveal the contents of the theme on our shop so anyone not keen on surprises can see what they're getting before they buy.

Below you'll find just a few of our themes, but if you'd like to browse them all, check out our Pinterest boards

December 2018


Your manis are gonna be out of this world with the goodies inside this space aged theme! It includes, an indie, a boutique brand AND a high street classic!



September 2018


Love? Beauty? Pleasure? Aphrodite has it all! This theme will have you feeling like a Greek Goddess sent straight from Venus!



Theme ingredients:

1. Nail polish of course!

You'll always receive 3 nail polishes ranging from exclusive boutique brands, high street classics and hand poured independents you wont find in the shops.

Our selections include cremes, glitters, shimmers & holos... we gotchu boo!

2. Nail art goodies

Wanna create fly nail art? No problem! We provide everything you need to level up your nail art game x10. MeeBox regularly features nail stamping kits, wraps, decals, stickers, stencils, gems and glitters.

Your nail art kit will be overflowing with toys!

3. Tools & treatments

We're not JUST here to be your nail art fairy godmothers - you'll often find tools and treatments in your MeeBox to help keep your nails and cuticles in tip top shape. 

Don't be surprised to find that we've given you the best base and topcoats in the game either!

Our Next MeeBox Theme

Stay tuned for our next MeeBox theme - it will be released on:

December 1st